Professional Celebrity Photo Ops

The photo ops are your chance to "star" in a photo with your favorite celebrity or group of celebrities attending EyeCon. The photos are professionally produced 8x10 portraits, on a beautiful backdrop, taken by a professional photographer using state-of-the-art camera equipment and lighting. The photos are produced on site and will be made available shortly after they are taken, perfect for autographing (please see faq below)! Imagine one of these photos on your living room wall! We try to take special care to allow you a moment to say "hi" to the celebrity guest during the photo ops. Up to two patrons may be in one shot for the initial price so bring a friend!


Please note: The Photo Ops are the only way to appear in a photograph with our guests and also the only way to appear in a shot with more than one celebrity guest at one time (group shots).

Photo Op Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I be able to request a pose with the celebrity guest?
A: This is based on two factors. The first is that poses are at the discretion of each individual celebrity guest. The guest often communicates their choices to their agent, who is quite often present at the photo ops, who then passes the information on to us. Second is time constraint. Sometimes, time runs short and poses would prevent other attendees from being able to get their photo op. We totally want to allow fun poses, as evidenced by our Supernatural photo ops, but we are at the mercy of these two elements.

Q: Will I be able to speak with the celebrity guest during the photo op?
A: Once again, the pesky time constraints come into play. Please note that the Photo Ops are not considered Meet and Greets. We have to make sure that every paying customer receives his or her photo, though we do wish to allow you to speak and say hello, though if time runs short or unforseen factors arise, the photographer may be forced to move the line along, decreasing the amount of quality time for each photo op..

Q: Will my photo op be printed in time for autographing?
A: That is the goal, however it cannot be guaranteed. The photo op and autograph sessions are two seperate events and while we understand that many would like to have their photos autographed, it is impossible to guarantee. If having your photo printed in time for autographing is of importance to you, it may benefit you to arrive to the line earlier as photos are printed in the order taken.

Q: I ordered reprints. Why weren't they printed at the same time as my first print?
A: Because many attendees are awaiting the printing of their photos, the inital photo is printed first, the reprints are printed after the initial run.

Q: I purchased JPEGs of my photo op. When can I expect them to be emailed?
A: Usually, by Tuesday after the show. If you have not received your JPEGS by Friday after the show, please email Froggy at . Please be sure to use clear handwriting when writing your email information as we have had multiple bounce backs in the past.

Q: Are the photographer and his staff part of the EyeCon staff?
A: The photographer and his staff are independent subcontractors. Please direct all photo questions to their team at the address below.

Q: How do I contact the photographer?
A: Froggy is available at