Saturday Night 80's FLaShBaCk Party

We've covered just about every other era, so now it's time for the funnest, the 80's! Join us as we dance, mingle and give prizes, all with the stars of The Vampire Diaries! in our 80's themed party. Make sure to get out your leg warmers and Member's Only jackets!

There will be contests, music, dancing and fun... oh and don't forget Vampires amongst us... searching for a victim...We are planning some amazing fun for this event and are now ready to announce the celebrity participation, check below.

Party tickets are only $85.00 and are extremely limited to about 300 total. A ticket to this event comes for free with a Platinum Ticket Purchase.

Stars Attending (updated as stars are added):

Michael M              Chase                   Paul          

Kendrick                Matt                       Michael T

Tickets for this party are free for Platinum Ticket Holders and only $85.00 for all other ticket levels. An EyeCon admission ticket of any level (Platinum, Gold, Silver or General) in addition to a party ticket is required to attend.