Terms of Service

  1. Purchases
    1. You are purchasing a revocable, non-transferable, non-refundable license for the described event. This license can be revoked at any time by Interstellar Productions (Promoter) dba Eyecon. If, in the sole determination of the Promoter, attendee has violated any of Promoter’s polices or these terms, license will be revoked without refund or any other compensation. If attendee’s license has been revoked, attendee will be required to leave the event or the convention immediately or face criminal trespass.
  2. Refunds
    1. All tickets for an event or attendance at the convention are non-refundable. Tickets are forfeit for non-attendance either by original purchaser or by person ticket was purchased for.
    2. Ticket are non-transferable. Tickets cannot resold to other parties after purchase from Eyecon. If a ticket is found to have been transferred after purchase to another party, all tickets held by original purchaser and the person that the ticket was transferred to will immediately be revoked. If tickets are still available for the event or admission the party that was sold the transferred ticket will be given the opportunity to purchase new tickets but credit will not be given for revoked tickets.
    3. Refunds will not be given for specific guest cancelations. Attendance tickets are purchased for the convention and not for attendance by any specific guest. For event tickets that are specific to a single guest, i.e. a photo op with a single guest or an autograph for a single guest, credits for other events at the convention will be made available or a refund will be provided within 14 days after the end of the convention.
    4. Any attempt to fraudulently obtain a refund will be contested vigorously including legal action. This includes recovery of expenses to defend Promoters right to prevent fraudulent refunds.
  3. Seating
    1. Promoter reserves the right to assign seating for attendees. For attendees that wish to sit with other attendees, attendance tickets must be purchased on the same transaction. Tickets purchased at the “same time” but not on the same transaction will not be guaranteed to sit together. Due to the nature of initial ticket sales, ticket purchased within seconds of each other may actually be quite far apart in ticket purchase order. Seating location is at the sole discretion of the Promoter within the seating section purchased.  
    2. Because of the nature of the assignment of seating, changes to seating assignments are not possible after notification to attendees.
    3. For those attendees that require Disability seating, attendees must notify the Promoter as soon as they purchase their attendance tickets as accommodations for special seating are not possible after seating notifications are made to all attendees.
  4. Ticket User Names
    1. At the time of purchase, the customer must provide the name of the person that will use the ticket. Once the ticket is purchased this name cannot be changed or transferred.
  5. Badging
    1. Promoter will provide badges and/or other artifacts that represent the right of the attendee to participate in the purchased event or the convention. Once issued to attendee, badges or other artifacts cannot be replaced. In all cases attendee will be required to purchase new tickets for attendance or for the event if tickets are lost.
  6. Event Tickets
    1. Before purchasing a ticket to an event, attendee must that they have an attendance ticket for the day of the event. If the person that is named on the event ticket does not have an attendance ticket for the day of the event, then event ticket will be forfeit, non-transferable and non-refundable. Also, buying an event ticket does not guarantee that an attendance ticket for the day of the event will be made available to purchaser. If there are not attendance tickets available for the day of the event, the event ticket will be forfeit.
  7. Photo Ops
    1. Two adults are allowed per photo op. An additional adult (third) may be allowed for an additional fee. The amount of this fee varies based on the requirements of the photo op (ex large guest list in the photo op) or at the request of the guest. Please inquire at the convention on the pricing of a third adult. In almost all cases, a fourth adult in the photo will not be allowed. Children, to a reasonable number, at the discretion of the Promoter, will be allowed at no additional charge.
    2. Photos during the photo op sessions are taken by the professional photographer using his photographic and printing equipment. Photos taken with personal photographic equipment is not allowed.
    3. While photo ops are printed on-site and using high speed professional photo printers there is no guarantee that photo ops will be delivered in time for autograph sessions.
    4. If optionally purchased, digital copies of photo ops are emailed during the week following the convention. This may take up to a week after the convention. However, every effort is made to get the digital copies emailed earlier.
  8. Cancelation or Rescheduling of Convention
    1. In all cases Promoters’ liability will be limited to the value of tickets purchased for attendance at the convention and the value of events tickets at that convention. Promoter will not be liable for fees for airline changes or cancelation, lodging change fees of cancelations, or any other expenses attendee may incur due to a convention or event cancelation or rescheduling.
  9. Convention Schedules
    1. While every effort is made to present a well-run and scheduled convention, unforeseen events can effect the scheduling of the convention. While the Promoter will attempt to keep attendees informed as to changes in event times, it is the attendees responsibility to insure that they are at events at the correct times. No refunds will be given for missed events by attendees.
  10. Right to Deny Entry
    1. Promoter reserves the right to deny entry to any attendees based on failure to comply with any of the Policies below or for any reason, without refund or transfer of ticket.

Generally, photography will be allowed during Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions. However, this may change based on the subject of the Q&A session and the needs of the Promoter and Guests to protect Intellectual Property rights of the rights holders or other situations. Once informed, attendee will cease recording of still and motion photography. In all cases, recording of either motion or still photography will not be permitted unless photographer has obtained permission of the subject to be recorded. Photography during paid photo sessions and other events is strictly prohibited and atendee’s ticket for all events and admissions will be revoked without compensation if attendee does not comply. In all cases the Promoters’ staff will be the final authority on whether photography is permitted.
Please also note that EyeCon is a private function and any videography and or photography taken at an EyeCon event by the Promoter is the property of EyeCon and may be used in future advertising campaigns or other convention services. By purchasing a ticket to EyeCon events, you are agreeing to the use of your likeness for advertising or convention purposes without compensation.
No solicitation of any kind will be allowed at the convention without prior consent. Any person that is determined by convention staff to be soliciting at the convention will have all of their attendance and event tickets revoked and they will be required to leave the convention.
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment of any kind to other attendees, the guests or convention staff will not be permitted at any time, either during convention times and events, or at any time or any location either at a convention location or not. If, in the opinion of the Promoter or their staff Sexual Harassment has occurred, attendee’s tickets to all events and attendance will be revoked and will not be transferred or refunded. If any attendee should feel that they are being sexually harassed, they should report it to a convention staff member immediately.
Safe Environment
Promoter wishes all attendees to feel safe while attending the convention. Any attendee that is menacing, threating or violent to another attendee, guest or convention staff member will be ejected and have all of their tickets revoked immediately. All unacceptable behavior should be immediately reported to a convention staff member.
Alcohol Consumption
For all attendees over 21, alcohol consumption is allowed in moderation at times and locations that the Promoter deems appropriate. However, any attendee that is visibly intoxicated, in the opinion of the convention staff, will be asked to leave the convention until the next day. No refund will be given for missed attendance or events for that day.
Lost Items and Injuries
Promoter is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property, or for injuries sustained during the course of the convention.
No weapons of any kind are to be brought to the convention. Any weapons that may be purchased from a vendor during the convention are to remain sheathed/holstered during the day purchased and are not to be brought back to the convention any subsequent day. 

For rationale on why some of the policies and terms of service exist please see our FAQ page.