Welcome to EyeCon's first ever US convention with this theme, featuring a weekend of themed events with the stars!

The response to our reunion conventions has been epic, the events have become meccas for fans to flock to for their escape from everyday life! We hope to be able to bring that same experience to the this fandom. There will never be another FIRST, so don't miss out on the memories of a lifetime!

Be prepared to meet the best friend you will ever have at one of our conventions. It happens all the time!

We're not sure when the phrase was first used, but the term "EyeCon Family" caught on with the attendees and staff and has become truth! We'd like to say to our attendees from past conventions, you have genuinely shown your loyalty to us so this convention is dedicated to you and is our way of saying thank you for supporting us. That's what family does, and we are equally as loyal to you. If you attend by yourself, have no fear! You will never "feel" alone at the con, you will be immediate family and surrounded by fellow fans!
EyeCon is a judgement free zone, so come as you are, We like you already!

EyeCon is well known for bringing our attendees the absolute most "personal" time with the stars. While other conventions actually dictate to their celebrity guests that they are not "allowed" to walk around and mingle, we are just the opposite. We know that the fans are here to meet them and get to know them, the celebrities want to meet the fans as well, so we actually encourage them to mingle and get to know their fans on a more personal level, which is simply better for everyone. Many of our celebrity guests not only attend our parties, but participate by wearing costumes, talking and getting to know the attendees in informal settings!.

We are different. We care about more than money. We care about you. That may be hard to believe nowadays when it seems everyone is out to get everyone else. We just want you to have fun.
We understand, conventions are expensive. They are definitely in the "luxury" category, but we do our best to keep our ticket prices competitive with other cons, even beating their prices while bringing you guys a higher quality event, possibly the highest! We even offer a payment plan to help those who need a little more time. Autumn is constantly holding games on Instagram for admission tickets, head over and take a chance!
Thank you for choosing us. If you see us running around at the con, make sure to give us hugs. We live on them!

Kenny, Autumn, Josh and the entire EyeCon staff